Tierra new home
On: September 10th, 2018 In: News & Press

When you take technology and mix it with creativity, you always come up with something innovative.

Robert Rodriguez

Since last month, we have been working in our new offices. When we decided to move to new premises, we started looking for a place that would meet the needs of a dynamic, international company in the long run and we definitely found the perfect place.

The area where we are located is known as the “innovation district” because it is traditionally technology-oriented. Its peculiarity is the presence of many companies specialized in advanced technologies. In fact, the office building we occupy was once the headquarters of Fiat Engineering.
This new position also fosters the partnership between our R&D department and the Politecnico di Torino, our renowned and prestigious Engineering University.
The new headquarters are not only our new home, but also a place to be proud of, a space for participation, aggregation and growth. Here we will welcome our customers and business partners, but also researchers, and students, because we think that growth needs creativity, exchange and sharing.

The visual communication, the organization of the common spaces and areas and the way they can be enjoyed have been conceived paying attention to the well-being of the personnel. Our offices are bright, modern and as functional as they are refined.

The technological vocation of Tierra has been expressed with an amazing experience room, an immersive room dedicated to 360° projections, with touch sensors and motion detectors to enable visitors to have a multisensory, interactive experience.

Various screens are placed around the premises to show videos and applications controlled remotely. The meeting rooms can be booked on tablets and offices are equipped with screens to share contents within the teams. The architects of Liquido Studio created solutions that are quite impressive.


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