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A combined project to create new systems for the management of Big Data and predictive analyses, applicable to all industrial segments. An agreement that will also offer concrete professional opportunities for the young engineers of the University.

Politecnico di Torino

Politecnico di Torino and Tierra S.p.A., Turin’s leader company in the development of advanced IoT solutions for Industry 4.0, announced the signing of a 5-year agreement to start a research for the creation of an Artificial Intelligence engine to process Big Data in 3 different areas:

1. DATA ANALYTICS, the statistics models for the collection and analysis of big volumes of data for Machine Learning, that is the automatic learning from machinery involved in the production cycle of the industries, perfecting their yield by learning from the data received and processed;
2. FEATURE EXTRACTION and IMAGE PROCESSING FOR COMPUTER VISION, for the processing of the images, making available more and more sophisticated information and then enabling the machinery to “make decisions” based on the image processed;
3. FOG COMPUTING and OPPORTUNISTIC NETWORKING, useful to supply seamless resources and services of calculation, data storage, control and network functionalities on the infrastructure connecting the Cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The modern industry willing to increase its business volume and keep a strong competitiveness in its reference market, must be able to use the most advanced digital technologies, for a management model that creates interaction among all company assets.

Data are the fundamental ingredient of the digital transformation. The most innovative technologies in the coming years – among which, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning – are all methods of gathering, analysis and storage of the information. The goal of Topcon, of which Tierra is a joint venture, is always to create value from “things” to transform the Future.

Ivan Di Federico, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Topcon Positioning Systems

The collaboration with Tierra S.p.A. is so interesting for our University, that the company decided to bring to Turin its new research center, thanks to which we will surely have the possibility to carry out new common projects.

Emilio Paolucci, Vice-Rector for Technology Transfer of Politecnico di Torino

The research project of the partnership between Tierra S.p.A. and Politecnico di Torino involves many expert engineers and developers of the Turinese company and the team of Politecnico di Torino, coordinated by Professors Marco Mellia (Department of Electronics and Telecommunications) and Fulvio Risso (Department of Control and Computer Engineering).

With this important partnership, Tierra S.p.A., as international leader in the world of telematics, demonstrates its commitment and its will to understand and anticipate the technological trends and to offer innovative solutions to common issues. The human enrichment and the enhancement of the talents are at the core of our mission. A winning approach that allows us to face head high an ever-evolving market.

Paolo Traso, CEO of Tierra S.p.A.

The opportunities made possible using data and the methodologies available today for their processing, allow to continuously improve and optimize products and services. This agreement with Tierra S.p.A. is an example of a collaboration towards this direction, in which the company makes available data and knowledges of the application field, while Politecnico di Torino offers support to the correct use of methodologies of Machine Learning and Big Data, with its SmartData@PoliTO center. An effective collaboration model that SmartData@PoliTO center is carrying out successfully, also with other industrial identities.

Marco Mellia, contact person of the agreement for the SmartData@PoliTO center of Politecnico

The partnership between Tierra S.p.A. and Politecnico di Torino, apart from the collaboration for the start of the research, will also offer a great professional opportunity, considering the possibility to open projects for thesis and internships on subjects concerning the agreement.


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