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With the grand opening of our new headquarters, we reached another important goal, as the result of an evolution that brought the company to become leader in our sector.

10th Tierra

During these last 10 years of digital revolution, Tierra S.p.A. gained important competencies in the analytical processing of Big Data, in the study of Machine Learning and in the IoT, creating products and solutions for the modern industry willing to increase its business volume and keep a high competence in its reference market.

Tierra made the technological innovation and evolution its core business, developing tailor-made, advanced solutions for OEM and After Market, which are more and more digitalized and interconnected.

Paolo Traso, CEO of Tierra S.p.A.

Today we celebrate 10 years of Tierra: an awaited and important achievement. Today, Tierra is a well-known reality that claims a story of unquestionable growth and successes, for which we all feel the proud contributors. Something inevitably new begins from here. Change is the challenge that always characterized us, it is part of our DNA, making innovation our distinctive element.

Ivan Di Federico, Chairman of Tierra S.p.A.

Leading a transformation means to attract in our territory the changes that cause that transformation, and that are inevitably linked to the subjects having transformation as their activity: innovators. But those who innovate today cannot have all the internal, necessary competencies to create their own product and/or service. The value chain is created within the ecosystem in which the company tests and develops innovation through the convergence of different sectors. The role of public administration is therefore to create an environment favorable to testing and developing of innovation at pre-commercial stadium on one hand, and on the other hand, to develop a system to attract and unite public and private players, focusing their attention on scalable opportunities for change. This is why we created Torino City Lab. The politics of innovation of the city of Turin.

Chiara Appendino, Mayoress of Turin

Investing in technology is the challenge of our century.
Tierra S.p.A. made possible the use of the most advanced digital technologies for a management model that creates interaction among all the assets of the company. Tierra S.p.A. turned change into its own strength, supporting the customers in their process of transformation, renewal and development of their business: the new headquarters is the evidence that the company wants to pursue the same evolution towards an ever-increasing innovation and functionality, to keep on growing.

Developing synergies with state-of-the-art entrepreneurial realities is a strategic element for a technical university like ours, because it enables to pool the respective competencies and achieve more and more performant results. Following this direction, working in partnership with Tierra S.p.A. in Big Data ambit enables us to keep an eye on the present and on the future, in particular to favor a positive impact on the company and on the industrial sector.

Giuliana Mattiazzo, Vice Rector for Technology Transfer at Politecnico

For Piedmonts’ ICT pole of which Torino Wireless is the coordinator, thanks to Piedmont Regional government, Tierra S.p.A. represents an example of that virtuous system of companies that know how to invest in innovation and competencies of superior quality and that appreciate, with the loyalty of the participation to our Cluster, the effort that we have been made for years with networking actions and support to projects and business.

Mario Manzo, Vice President of Torino Wireless Foundation

Outlook on the future.
In the future of Tierra S.p.A. there is the will to embrace new, big projects to increase the ability to propose the Company as state-o-the-art solution in the sectors and in the markets where it is already a leader, enrich the offer of advanced products and solutions, make use of its competencies and experiences to conquer new geographical markets and introduce its own innovative capacity and the technology developed so far, also in new ambits of application.

Tierra is present in a 4.0 future…
that is already here!


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