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A new partnership dedicated to the strong-growing ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) and Indian markets is coming to life

The Italian Tierra S.p.A., leader in the development of advanced solutions in IoT ambit for 4.0 companies, and Sumitomo Corporation announce the signing of a strategic partnership to offer advanced telematics solutions and precision agriculture in the ASEAN (South-East Asia) and Indian markets. Thanks to this agreement, PT. Weeo Solutions Frontier has been established in Indonesia.

With a population of more than 250 million, Indonesia keeps on recording a strong economic development, in particular in Jakarta capital region (with a population of more than 30 million). The Country confirms itself as a promising market, characterized by the highest demand in that region for industrial machinery and innovative systems for passengers’ transportation, where an important demand of infrastructures and new technologies is expected. Furthermore, the constant reduction of operators in charge of agriculture, due mostly to the progressive urbanization concurrent with the flight of the younger generations from the agricultural sector, places Indonesia among the Countries with the highest potential for the introduction of precision agriculture-oriented solutions. The solutions are able to considerably improve productivity through innovation, digital transformation, automation and artificial intelligence.

Facing this context of increased demand, Weeo will use infrastructures and professional networks of Sumitomo Corporation, together with Tierra technological excellence, to develop new business focused on the use of advanced telematics, applied mostly but not exclusively to the agriculture and automotive segments.

Technology enables the growth of productivity and returns. Tierra, with its own history of successes and its own qualified teams of experts, will be the advocate  of an exponential growth of its own business, together with its associated company Sumitomo, whose strong and extensive presence on the territory will facilitate the access to new opportunities.

This partnership is part of a strategic plan to multiply our activities in a new geographical area and foster a more important penetration of our solutions in emerging markets. Thanks to the strong collaboration among Tierra, Topcon and Sumitomo, we will be able to offer our customers the best solutions available today, to take on the challenges that the future of telematics and of the Internet of Things pose to all companies intending to innovate and grow.

Paolo Traso, CEO of Tierra S.p.A.

The new company Weeo based in Jakarta and with operational facilities already active in Thailand and India, offers solutions to cover the necessity of a constant and complete monitoring of the vehicles and of the machinery, to increase their efficiency and improve their productivity, providing systems of vehicular fleets management and precision agriculture solutions. The primary goal of this initiative consists of the expansion of the professional telematics that Tierra has been developing during its 10-year experience, and which represents the structural basis of the IoT.

Weeo is already operational and is recording big successes on the territory. In fact, we already reached agreements with two important international customers leaders in the South-East Asia markets, whose details will be communicated soon. We expect further important successes.

Willy Miyahara, Sales Director at Tierra S.p.A.

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