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Telematics can effectively revolutionize the way you run your company. Control and management of your assets take a whole new meaning. Uncountable possibilities become available at your fingertips. You can even consider new business models based on the reports and analytics you can acquire.

The benefits of telematics are endless. Not only you can reduce costs and wastes by optimizing your asset utilization, but you can also have full control of them. At any time, from everywhere, through any device, thanks to the cloud technology. Here are just some examples of how telematics can impact positively your work.

1. Fuel costs reduction
By monitoring your assets’ usage and status you can understand if fuel is being wasted. The most common way this can happen is when an engine is in idle status (running while the vehicle is not in use). Knowing when, where, how and why it happens, enables you to take action, for example, by making your personnel aware of how they can avoid fuel waste.

2. Productivity improvement
Productivity improves when you can monitor assets utilization and progress and personnel presence in real-time. Knowing exactly the progress of each single assets, enables better job allocations for increased efficiency. With the help of specific reports, it is possible to understand the areas that need improvement.

3. Customer service improvement
If you work more effectively, your customers are happier. Customer service becomes much quicker if, for example, you are able to monitor a delivery in real time. Technology allows you to know your customers better and respond to their requirements in a timely and more effective way, or even proactively. Customer satisfaction becomes customer loyalty.

4. Telephone charges reduction
No need to call your personnel on the phone each time you wish to know if everything is running on time or where they are located at a particular time. You can check your assets’ position in real time from anywhere. Moreover, office and personnel on site or on the road can communicate to make decisions on the spot. For instance, you can communicate a change of itinerary in case of an accident or traffic jam.

5. Administrative overhead decrease
Telematics takes away the paperwork from daily tasks thanks to a connected workflow. The telematic solution collects big amounts of information that is always available. Reports and analytics give you the insight you need to carry out your administrative tasks from any connected device, anytime, anywhere.

6. Drivers safety improvement
The opportunity to locate a driver at any time is priceless in case of involvement in an accident. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that drivers rest when necessary and do not drive for too many hours. Furthermore, having the possibility to monitor drivers’ behavior, enables the collection of information on possible bad habits, such as harsh braking, speeding or road signs violations.

7. Insurance premiums reduction
An onboard GPS is a very practical and effective way of having full control on a vehicle’s utilization and driver’s behavior. By using this system, insurance companies are able to collect information that will enable them to customize their premiums or make decisions about customer retention through targeted marketing operations.

8. Each vehicle’s lifecycle management
Monitoring your assets’ status and maintenance conditions allows you to plan maintenance services and forecast their cost. You can organize the work accordingly, avoiding unexpected downtime and failures. You can take advantage of the reports to help you keep on running an efficient company.

9. Carbon footprint reduction
Nowadays, taking environmental-friendly decisions is inevitable. Technological innovation is one of the most powerful tools to achieve an eco-friendly way of working. Monitoring engine status and taking care of the machines’ maintenance in due time are only a couple of good habits to be adopted to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

10. Full control
Telematics is a versatile technology that you can adapt to any necessity and requirement. Once you start using a telematic solution, you can customize some of its features so that they suit your priorities: alarms, notifications, geofences, curfew, and much more. Telematics empowers you with enhanced management thanks to informed, smarter decision-making. Telematics is the power of control.


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