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Tierra S.p.A. adds to its portfolio a new device for asset management, renewed internally but maintaining all the advantages of its predecessor AM53 to support any type of telematics market (aftermarket and OEM). Its improved technology allows long-lasting performance to provide reliable resource status.

The new AM54 model offers a flexible vehicle interface technology compatible with multiple fleet types with a more robust 4G network connectivity. It provides users with utilization tracking, preventive maintenance, notifications, reporting and asset and data mapping.
By minimizing work-related risks, optimizing predictive maintenance, and protecting machinery from theft, AM54 ensures that off-road operations are on the right track.

The new 4G technology, with 3G and 2G fallback and Cat1 modem enable global coverage and clear visibility of all remote assets 24/7, for consistent and precise monitoring of the vehicle, even with weak GPS signal.

It is built to withstand harsh environments, making it easier and safer for our customers to operate in any environmental conditions. It is designed to minimize the EMC disturbances in compliance with CISPR 25 requirements.
Best suited for unpowered assets in extreme and rugged environments, this asset tracker features a durable weatherproof casing and external antennas for simple installation.

“Tierra reaches a new, important goal, offering a solution consistent with the technological trends required in the embedded world. A dynamic, reliable device adapting to any type of market. AM54 ensures full compatibility with the previous device AM53, maintaining intact the features that characterized it in all these years. AM54 is the next-generation device at a very competitive price”.

Paolo Traso, CEO of Tierra.

Main Features

  • 4G LTE Cat 1, UMTS/HSPA, GSM worldwide
  • 2x CAN-Bus, RS232
  • External Antennas (GNNS & Cellular)
  • Internal Battery
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • IP67 protection
  • Remote Firmware Update & Device Configuration

Ordering Information

  • All user functional testing passed successfully
  • Can be ordered by quantity from January 2020
  • Commercial prototypes available from November 2019
  • Tierra already accepts pre-orders

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