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Tierra S.p.A., leader in the development of advanced solutions in IoT for companies 4.0, integrates its hardware and software solutions with value-added services, among which Data Analytics, for its customers.
Big DataArtificial Intelligence and Data Science are ever-evolving subjects crucial for the companies aiming at increasing their economic performances in a competitive context characterized by the digital innovation.
Company processes evolve together with new business models, and so do the data sources, the technologies that can be used to collect, prepare and analyze them, the roles of the IT departments, of the business units, and of the final users.

The modern platforms of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics must be agile, intuitive and reliable, to support the extended, more and more mission-critical, urgent and dynamic role of data in promoting competitiveness and creating value for companies, especially in the Industry 4.0.”

Paolo Traso,CEO of Tierra S.p.A.

Tierra is able to provide value-added services also in Business Intelligence, thanks to the activities of data-mining and data analysis, integrating the data of the customers and enriching them with third party sources.

“We offer the opportunity to integrate data coming from IoT and legacy solutions that, once analyzed, can provide crucial information for the companies that want to be competitive. Tierra is committed in the constant integration of advanced techniques of Machine Learning (ML) and in the use of the modern technologies distributed and on the cloud that are necessary for the efficient management of Big Data.” 

Riccardo Loti, Head of Research of Tierra S.p.A.

Our team of experts is dedicated to satisfying the customers’ requirements, making the most of the technical skills and of the context knowledge, and organizing its activity in three main pillars:

Working with the sources to extract useful and meaningful data: that is to collect, prepare and store data and Big Data for the analyses, through modern strategies and ETL and data warehousing technologies for rationalization and utilization:

  • Cataloguing and monitoring data sources
  • Using efficient tools of data transformation and integration
  • Performing data cleaning and filtering
  • Integrating external data

Obtaining useful information for the business: that is to support the company and decisional processes with a data-driven approach, directly enabling the customers to explore data coming from “connected goods”by means of interactive and intuitive dashboards and integrating them to produce insights:

  • Focusing on the decisional process
  • Using powerful instruments of data visualization
  • Performing data exploration focused on the users

Using Machine Learning to optimize, automize and increase productivity: that is to create predictive models from historical data, intelligent algorithms to forecast trends, anticipate problems to provide the right competitive advantage:

  • Time-series analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Selection of techniques of Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Smart data-cleaning

The partnership between Tierra and Politecnico di Torino is part of the value-added services to favor the Business Intelligence; a joint project to create new systems for the processing of Big Data and for predictive analysis applicable to all industrial segments.



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