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The processes that bring to the realization of reliable, secure solutions that meet customers’ requirements cannot leave out of consideration a fundamental phase of the software development known as Quality Assurance. 

Testing is one of the phases a software must overcome before being released for productionto ensure that it has virtually no defects, while responding to the customer’s requirements. It is performed following different phases, each one with its own rules to follow and comply with, in order to proceed to the next one. 
Careful and reliable testers should not only possess specific technical skills, but also be able to think out of the box and never take anything for granted, to guarantee a truly professional service.

By identifying code defects, QA procedures also help improve the stability of a product, which combined with enhanced product quality ensures customer satisfaction.

Already in 2012, Tierra understood the importance of testing, and to address this delicate step of the production, it created its own team to ensure real, overall product quality and meet customers’ expectations, for both its SW and FW in-house solutions.
In almost nine years, Tierra QA team grew from one to ten people, whose passion and dedication make them go the extra mile, even realizing newunconventional tools to perfect their outcomes. This strategy has been enabling Tierra to provide highly reliable products. 

“It is a process in which are involved new types of experts, whose interpersonal skills, knowledge, passion, attention, precision and lateral thinking are fundamental skills that the Quality Assurance Specialist (QA) requires to guarantee such quality.” 

          Biagio Lucia, Head of Quality Assurance at Tierra S.p.A. 



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