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From 12 to 14 February 2020 the Automation & Testing Convention took place at Oval Lingotto in Turin, Italy. In this occasion, Spring Professional (Adecco Group) was the organizer of a workshop on “Skills in the digital era” (“Competenze nell’era digitale”). The event focused on forecast on new and hybrid professions and on how to address issues such as upskilling and reskilling in an increasingly digitalized world.

As technological improvements continue to be implemented and new organizational models are adopted, tasks and duties requested to workers change accordingly, modifying their profiles (reskilling).
At the same time, new skills must be acquired to be in step with the times, be it through higher education or training (upskilling).

According to the researches presented at the convention, 60% of people entering the world of work by 2025 will perform jobs not existing today. The trend indicates that the demand will be more and more directed towards high-skilled and low-skilled resources, while medium-skilled resources will be less requested. In this new scenario, three fundamental elements will be necessary to medium-skilled resources to stand out in the upcoming years:

  • Specific domain skills
  • Creative problem solving capabilities
  • Interpersonal skills

In addition, digital skills will be always more necessary, in particular in the fields of sustainability and green economy. The sectors involved in this major shift will be Health and Wellness, Instruction, Culture, Mobility and Logistics, and finally, Electromechanics, Robotics and Energy. These sectors will be the most affected by major factors of change, such as globalization, aging population, climate changes, digitalization and automation.

Tierra participated in the event too, bringing the contribution of our HR Manager.

Hybrid work combines technical, management, professional or relational skills with information and digital skills, the competencies to communicate on social networks, and the abilities to interact with other people through digital technologies. Such skills are fundamental in an era in which technologies and working contexts evolve constantly. Being able to retain talented, skilled people is one of the main challenges we have to face. As a company, we must find solutions like vocational training, continuous exchange of knowledge, and clear, short-term goals. In addition, new technologies can help us to consider alternative ways of working, both at the office or remotely.

Manuela Agagliate, Human Resources Manager at Tierra S.p.A.

In Tierra, smart working means indeed to work in an agile and intelligent way, taking on the responsibility to identify each time the most adequate spaces and technological instruments to carry out one’s own tasks. The working environment is also fundamental and in Tierra we conceived our headquarters to be also our “home”: a place to be proud of, a space for participation, aggregation and growth, where we welcome our customers and business partners, but also researchers, and students, because we know that growth needs creativity, exchange and sharing.



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