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Tierra S.p.A. will supply a solution including a device, the cloud infrastructure and a specific Web application to provide with IoT the plug-ins cabinets of Epta Group brand Iarp. This will enable remote information about their registry, periodical last (or average) values, instant alarms, historical reports and geolocation. The three-year agreement provides for the equipping of thousands of units every year.

Epta, multinational Group specialized in commercial refrigeration for Retail, Food&Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca, has made a name for itself in the world, thanks to a solid industrial culture, great competitive strength and the Group’s global presence. The Group offers a vast range of systems and technologies for commercial refrigeration, ensuring the supply, installation and maintenance of systems, both directly and through an extensive network of distributors worldwide.
Iarp, part of the Epta Group, is a renowned brand for its plug-in cabinets with a strong specialisation for solutions, even on an exclusive basis, for the most important Food&Beverage brands.

“IoT applied to professional refrigeration represents an important challenge for the accessibility of the information potentially available, that is the number of possible subjects involved. We have to collect data that are useful for Maintenance, but also for Marketing and Logistics. Data Scientists must interpret such data and find all the possible interrelations among them. Implementing an application able to meet all these requirements makes this technological challenge truly stimulating from every point of view”.

Nicola Smaldone – Embedded systems operations Manager at Tierra S.p.A.

Tierra solution will provide dealers with valuable information, along with various anti-theft functions and alarms, to name just a few. One of the most interesting elements will be the possibility to perform smart vending: by means of camera-based solutions, storekeepers will be able to precisely monitor information on the products purchased (brand, quantity, etc.), for total control and real-time updating on the availability of the goods and on the customers’ response to the assortment of the products.

“Tierra expands its perspectives in the IIoT with Smart Refrigeration. As a global player in the Retail and Food&Beverage sectors, Epta/Iarp is the ideal partner to search for new technological answers and explore new business models for dealers and retailers”.

Mauro Mattio – Sales Manager at Tierra S.p.A.


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