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Tierra S.p.A. participated at Unacea’s panel on Industry 4.0 applied to Construction machinery equipment.

Turin, Italy – Last week, Unacea, the Italian Construction Equipment Association, held a virtual discussion panel on Industry 4.0 applied to Construction machinery equipment. The association has been listening carefully to its members and decided to organize this event to investigate the topic and try to clear up the doubts, the ideas, suggestions and necessities of various actors of the Construction Industry about the question of the ever more necessary standardization of Construction’s equipment.

Tierra S.p.A. was invited as associated member to present its motivations and arguments, which developed around the concept of the digitization of equipment. Considering that on a construction site each machine can work with up to 10 interchangeable pieces of equipment, it is easy to understand how important it can be to be able to monitor, trace and locate such fundamental and numerous assets. In addition, such equipment is often provided by different manufacturers because of its specificity. All these conditions make urgent to create a common ecosystem allowing all stakeholders to operate within the sector in a much smarter and universal way, globally.

The application of standardizations such the ones already in place for the Agricultural sector (ISOBUS) and Commercial Vehicles (FMS), would be the driving force boosting the trade in the Construction sector, not only for the OEMs but also in the aftermarket, and help users in the purchasing process, but most of all, it would bring a real Industry 4.0 enforcement.
The intention is to present these arguments and more to CECE, through Unacea, to put into place an actual standardization process for Construction equipment.

Construction attachments make a huge difference when it comes to production and performance. They are very specific and much more numerous than machinery itself, representing up to 40% of the assets on a job site. The standardization of such implements is paramount for the Construction Industry to achieve a higher competitiveness. With the support of UNACEA and CECE in Europe and of the AEM in the USA, we might achieve a higher digitization of the construction sites as a whole: no longer just the digitization of the Machines, but also the digitization of the Application, which is the main target of Industry 4.0”.

Mohamed Abd El Salam – Product Management and Business Development Senior Manager at Tierra S.p.A.

About Unacea
Unacea, the Italian Construction Equipment Association, was created in 2010. It is the Italian member of Cece, the Committee for European Construction Equipment, which includes the national associations of 13 countries, representing about 1,200 companies, with a turnover of 23 billion euro and 130,000 people directly employed. Counting about fifty members, it is open to the contribution of all companies, institutions, and organizations involved in the Construction industry. Unacea membership includes earth-moving machines, attachments, concrete equipment, tower cranes and drilling machineries.


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