On: March 26th, 2021 In: News & Press

Feeding always more people with ever less available land is the main challenge Precision Agriculture has to face. The good news is that optimizing all the available resources is possible with modern technologies and the right partners.

Tierra’s telematics for Agriculture offers non-stop communication from the fields (both sensors and equipment) to our Web solutions, and back. Our technology provides GPS and sensors used to measure crop growth conditions, and a variable spraying system. As a result, farming efficiency and productivity are increased and waste is reduced to a minimum.

We use M2M connectivity to automate agricultural machines. Our devices are equipped with an internal SIM card to gather remote location, operating hours, status and conditions of all assets.
Since Tierra operates worldwide, it was crucial to find a reliable partner to provide us with global connectivity.
Tierra chose KPN IoT because of their excellent global coverage via roaming partners, their reliable network, and their partnership with the international IoT platform supplier Cisco Jasper.

“For Tierra, KPN represents an indispensable partner able to guarantee stable connectivity to its customers. Thanks to global coverage and a reliable service, our company can connect everything in every part of the world, having always total control.”

Pietro Fornaris – Operations Director at Tierra S.p.A.


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