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Tierra Remote Service is the system enabling you to check your machines’ conditions remotely.

TRS works by means of a secure network tunnel with Bosch-Rexroth BODAS-service PC software and ECUs, enabling the diagnose of a given symptom, issue or problem, from a distance.
Through Tierra Remote Service, you can display and edit process variables retrieved by CAN-Bus connection, plot and record values graphically, inspect error messages as well as keep the ECUs under control.

“Conveying the Rexroth diagnostic communication protocol in a cellular 2G/3G/4G channel to allow remote BODAS-service users to operate as if they were on board the machine has been a real challenge. That’s what we do here in Tierra, where domain expertise is a must.”

Nicola Smaldone – Embedded Systems Operations Manager at Tierra S.p.A.

Tierra’s gateway AM54 (and AM53) is Bodas Service-ready, enabling Tierra Remote Service as soon as the device is connected. The diagnostics service of BODAS-service PC software can be run remotely, thanks to the interface of Tierra’s Web solutions.

Knowing in advance what issue needs to be addressed, enables you to optimize costs, for example, planning maintenance to better meet your work and staff schedule, and ordering only the right spare parts only when actually needed.

“With TRS, Tierra enriches its portfolio with an advanced and exclusive service. A system capable of adding even more value to our solutions and greater remote control of our customers’ assets, offering them higher autonomy and more aware decision-making over their business”.

Mohamed Abd El Salam – Product Management and Business Development Senior Manager at Tierra S.p.A.


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