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Asset telematics

asset telematics

Full reports, data explained

When it comes to talk of data, one of the first issues is about compatibility and integration. Tierra Analytics is the tool that allows smooth integration, valuable insights by combining and processing data with analytical and statistical techniques.
tierra agriculture geo fence

Draw, control and monitor fields

Farmers will be able to draw specific areas and assign them to vehicles, machines or sensors. For each field (geo-fence), the system will be fully configurable and able to provide alarms in case of bad weather conditions, crop health, unauthorized movements, and much more.
tierra agriculture asset dashboard

Look at your data through Tierra Dashboard

Data gathered from sensors, CAN bus and APIs are processed by our software solution and can be exposed in a tailored UI that represents onboard dashboard. User can customize dashboard to see most relevant data, with high data refresh rate.
tierra telematics asset device

A robust device. Ready for all (application) fields

Our device mounts an industry-proven processor with significant memory allowing high logging capability of all parameters (when the engine is running), a GPS receiver, and an internal cellular communication system.
All in a low profile, compact enclosure that simplifies installation and provides greater reliability.
tierra agriculture mobile

Mobile control, the power of remote control. Everywhere

All the advantages of remote control and management have been enhanced with a multi-platform software, a web & mobile solution. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, PCs. They are all ways to access to a unified, secure and flexible service, 24/7. Asset telematics.