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telematics solution construction

Field and job management for Construction. A telematics feature

Telematics can offer a valuable set of features specifically developed to manage field tasks and jobs. A powerful web application provides users with full control on the entire fleets of vehicles or machine in the construction field. That comes to be a valuable option in terms of project management. You won’t miss any step of your scheduled activities!
tierra construction geo fence

Draw and control fields, directly from your office

The telematics application allows drawing specific areas and assigning them to vehicles and machines. For each field (geo-fence), the system will be fully configurable and able to provide alarms in case of long idle status, failure, unauthorized movements, and much more. Moreover, it will be possible to assign specific tasks to equipment in the drawn area and retrieve detailed reports on activity.
tierra construction dashboard

Look at your data, through Tierra Dashboard

Data gathered from sensors, CAN bus and APIs are processed by our software solution and can be exposed in a tailored UI that represents onboard dashboard.
User can customize dashboard to see most relevant data, with high data refresh rate.
tierra fleet management

Through data to field control, a powerful software solution

Data management is the core feature of our telematics solution. It provides remote control on assets. Our telematics application provides a full set of features to check out detailed information on the single equipment or the entire fleets.
Where are your assets now? What are they doing? Is there anything wrong? Telematics provides the answers, without leaving office.
tierra construction mobile

Mobile control. The power of remote control. Everywhere

All the advantages of remote control and management have been enhanced with a multi-platform software, a web & mobile solution.
Smartphone, tablet, notebook, PCs. They are all ways to access to a unified, secure and flexible service, 24/7.